What prompted you to write Silent?2020-12-20T10:37:20+00:00

I lived with fear, anxiety and unease for most of my life ─ from a traumatic childhood, to teenage years living with both psychological and physical addictions, that would all be replaced at age nineteen, with my primary addiction to work. Obsession to work, that led to a wildly successful career in all-things real estate. Earning six figures every week, I could go anywhere, and buy anything in the world I wanted – and I did. But there came a point in my life where I knew I was living a lie. The constant unease and anxiety I experienced finally manifested into a mid-life crisis. That’s when I started to ask very important questions for me and those close to me. Questions such as “what is the purpose of all this?”, “what is the meaning to life?”, and “why, with everything I have around me can’t I find sustainable joy and peace in my life?”

My journey to connect the dots to find a fulfilling life, went from a self-desire to understand more of the ‘why’ to life, to supporting those I loved, to a wider universal desire to help people in need. I developed a genuine passion to share my many lessons with anyone that felt they wanted more from their life. Silent was written to provide answers and simple practices, and thereby help people find ‘sustainable’ love, peace and joy in their lives.

Can anyone be helped?2020-12-20T10:40:46+00:00

Yes, they can. The underlying cause of all problems are fundamentally the same, but our ego tells us there are numerous problems in our lives … when there are not! Our many problems are only our perception of number – however there is a process of understanding the truth and understanding a new reality. A reality where there is one primary cause beneath all problems, as you will soon discover.

I can’t seem to stop my addictions (my addictive behaviours), why? How do I find a way to do this?2020-10-24T09:12:36+00:00

An addiction is a coping mechanism and unless we deal with the root cause of the problem the addiction can’t go away. I suffered with many addictions in my life, both psychological and physical, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be managed, and you can live a completely happy, sustainable, and enjoyable life. In fact, the truth is that you can never cure an addiction – for example, workaholism, alcoholism, compulsive disorders, but you can manage them extremely successfully where they literally have no impact, or even a positive impact in your life. You will learn more about this through Epsilon.

What does meditation do? I find it so hard to meditate.2020-12-11T11:42:05+00:00

EHA is not just about meditation. Mediation is just merely an avenue to access when you become aware of feelings that tell you, you are out of sorts with yourself, for example, when you are feeling pain or unease, or reacting to a situation that you may regret later.
A slight reprieve from this unease, can change any reaction to a responsible action! Thus, changing your reality completely. Once you look at the issue behind the underlying feeling that is causing you concern – meditation becomes a tool to access, and when the experience of changing your reality occurs for the better, mediation becomes so much easier, because the mind sees and feels the benefit.

How can I know if I’m in my ego self vs my inner Self?2020-10-24T09:15:17+00:00

This is a very simple realisation, yet we think it is difficult to understand. Whenever you are feeling any unease at all, you are in your ego-self… a past experience is ‘re-living itself’ within your thoughts over and over, creating fear and anxiety. This is driven by your ego self or adapted other self.

When you are feeling at ‘peace’ and feeling naturally ‘accepting’ of events that occur in your life, you are being guided by your innate, inner knowing … Your inner Self.

You talk about conscious creation – is it really possible or is this a term to make us feel good or just a term used for the very lucky?2020-12-11T12:54:39+00:00

It is very possible, and it will happen if you give yourself the time to understand how it occurs. It starts from within you and not from things outside you. I have spent the last 10 years of my life practising simple steps that I will share that will have a profound impact within your life.

How can I find a sustainable peace, not a short-term peace?2020-10-20T11:16:46+00:00

By understanding more about yourself and the immense capability that exists within you.  You are a creative being creating all the time, and it time to manifest heartfelt desires over the perceived needs, which do not enhance the quality of your life. Recognising the difference is essential.

What is our life purpose?2020-10-24T09:13:41+00:00

To share and learn and help one another find the path to peace and joy we all rightfully deserve.

What is the meaning to life?2020-10-24T09:15:50+00:00

To find your joy and happiness through your life journey. Many of us struggle to do this because we constantly live in the past which impacts our life on a daily basis, creating fears and anxiety, rather than the joy and peace we deserve. When we acknowledge this past (that many do not wish to face for numerous reasons) and learn by it, it becomes the beginning of the end. In this new beginning, does your life benefit immeasurably. It is vitally important we find the courage to face that past.

Why do I feel the need to do everything perfectly?2020-10-24T09:16:42+00:00

Perhaps that is because you were probably made to feel that way as you were growing up? The facts are we are all perfectly imperfect!

I’m not appreciated at work; how can I change that?2020-10-24T09:17:28+00:00

Through simple technique’s found within Silent you will come to understand more about why these things happen to you. You will come to realise your strengths as well as your weaknesses… forgive your weaknesses and start to project your strengths that people will admire. Be strong, be vigilant, become aware and be patient with yourself, and your reality will change.

I don’t feel much unease, but you say most people live with constant unease in their life- how can you say this?2020-10-24T09:18:38+00:00

It is astonishing how we can numb the pain and the unease; we feel – as an everyday event. We act in ways that do not resonate well within us yet make excuses all too often for our behaviours. If you are not feeling joy and peace on a consistent basis then quite often, it is because we are denying the unease, rather than doing something about it. If you aren’t living with unease then quite literally; you are not judging, not reacting, and instead feeling a consistent peace and joy in your life. So yes, for many years I would often say “I’m happy’ … yet a different reality, through my actions could easily have been identified – if I was aware and bothered to look. The truth is, there will be time, when we all will look! “It is better to become aware before our lives become unmanageable, and we are made do so.”

I’m stuck in my job and can’t leave, or I won’t be able to eat or feed my family2020-12-11T12:55:49+00:00

Fear is the one thing stopping us all from living the life we want. Let’s start with simple practices that eliminates those fears, find the courage to change within ourselves. Change that we will project outward and turn our lives around for the better. Removing the fear is key to change. Silent the book.

I had a great upbringing, but I always do things that I feel ashamed of. I think I’m the rotten egg in the batch.2020-12-11T12:56:33+00:00

We all feel like a rotten egg at times. But that is just our ego hanging on to the shame that we have carried for so long, which in truth is not our fault. Do not think you are in that boat alone. However, through becoming more aware of what causes us to feel that way, is the beginning of the end. A far better reality awaits.

I can’t seem to please my partner, why what do I need?2020-10-24T09:22:36+00:00

You need to work on yourself, not on your partner and it is absolutely assured that if you still want to be in that relationship, then that relationship will improve.

How can I have faith when I witness so many terrible events around the world?2020-10-24T09:24:04+00:00

“Faith does not come from the world’s events; it comes from how we perceive them.”
Unfortunately, there are many givens in life. We need a greater understanding of life … and work together in a more conscious way – conscious, meaning aware, so we can change these ill-perceived events.

I would like to say that the world is in a great place – but it is not. Those givens in life are death, discrimination, environmental issues for example. The whole purpose of Epsilon is to come together and share ideas that can transform our lives and change the way we live. Learn by our errors, share our thoughts, and release ourselves of our poor perceptions that are quite literally holding us back … and find a more sustainable healthy joyful world to live within.

You say ‘life is pain’ yet we normalise it – isn’t that a contradiction in itself?2020-10-24T09:26:03+00:00

Life givens are painful, nobody wants death or see hatred, anger or see prejudices. But this is the world we live in, and rather than fight the status quo we normalise these pains, accept these events as normal, and our kids learn to normalise these events as well … and it’s time we change. We actually think, it is far easier to deny the way we feel and normalise it, rather than face change. But change we must.

Do you need to really know your past experiences to free yourself of the pain and unease you experience in your daily life?2020-10-24T09:26:57+00:00

Absolutely yes. There are simple ways of discovering these truths and benefitting immeasurably from them.

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